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Learners Plus,  · Learners plus is key to your learners license test. It is a multilingual Learners Licence Test application which works completely in offline mode. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department is always moving ahead and are providing great services to people of Kerala and for their safety in roads. This application is Forerunners tribute to Kerala Motor Vehicle Department. Our Learner's Plus is the easiest ...Carpenter Certificate and Diploma Program Information,  · In a carpentry certificate program, students master the skills needed to work as a carpenter and perform various job duties, such as finishing and roofing. They also learn how to solve carpentry ...Local Government Finance in Kerala,  · The licence fee is fixed as per section 227 & 228 of Kerala Panchayat Raj Act 1994 and section 472 of Kerala Municipality Act 1994 for public halting of carts, auto rickshaws, motor vehicles, motor boats etc. and for storing goods in open space.Apply for Liquor License for your Restaurant,  · Types of Liquor Licenses for Restaurant There are four types of Liquor Licenses found in India for a restaurant. It largely depends on what kind of liquor one has to sell, and how much profit one will derive from it. The following as described below:Association of Engineers Kerala,  · Visvesvaraya Medals 2020 The state committee of the Association of Engineers Kerala has decided to award Gold Medals to the children of its members who top each of the KEAM and JEE subject to the condition that they get admitted to any Engineering college / IIT..

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Kerala,  · This video provides you information related to Online Changing Address Driver Licence in Kerala. Following link can take you to the page with more informatio...You can register new vehicles anywhere in Kerala,  · From September 1, vehicle owners can register their new motor vehicles with any of the 80 registering authorities in the State and apply online to any licensing authority to get the ...How to Get a Construction Engineering License: 11 Steps,  · How to Get a Construction Engineering License. Construction engineering, or civil engineering, is a practice governed by the licensing laws of the state in which you plan to live and work. While state requirements may differ in some...KMVD : Kerala Motor Vehicle Details App,  · KMVD Kerala Motor Vehicle Info App This Application allows you to track the details of the following. -Kerala Vehicles Registration Details -Eg: KL-AA-1234 to get Vehicle Details -Kerala RTO File Application Status tracking. -Get Driving licence details -Kerala drivingH,  · H - Driving test Practice - Villyappalli Driving Institute - Koyilandy - For all enquiries please contact: 8111903334 ..

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Fresh rules in place to renew driving licence,  · Those who are below 30 will get validity up to the age of 40 while those in the 30-50 age group will get only 10-year validity. Those in the 50-55 age group will have validity only till 60.How to Become IATA Certified: 15 Steps (with Pictures),  · If this happens, get the materials together for them as quickly as possible. In most cases, they are simply trying to fill in gaps from your application timeline. For example, they might ask that you send along a particular financial statement that might have been left out from the prior packet.How to Get a Contractor License: 10 Steps (with Pictures),  · How to Get a Contractor License. Getting a contractor license involves the completion of several steps that will allow you to legally accept and complete contracting work in your state. The application process for a contractor license...Traffic Violation Fines and Penalties in Kerala,  · Traffic Fines in Kerala-This is the list of traffic offenses and fines in the state of Kerala that you need to be aware of. Follow traffic signals: traffic signals are supposed to be very time-efficient, so jumping red lights can cause serious accidents. Refrain from using ...

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